Drosera aberrans Species profile

Drosera aberrans Species profile

Drosera aberrans is a tuberous sundew found in the south east of mainland Australia in Victoria and South Australia. It grows in a wide range of ecosystems and soil types. The species is summer dormant, emerging in autumn. Flowers emerge in late winter. The flowers are white and are borne as single blooms on scapes. It readily multiplies asexually through the formation of adventitious stolons, forming large clonal colonies of rosettes. The species differs from Drosera whittakeri by its stoloniferous habit.

Drosera aberrans growing on an eroded ledge. Note the stolons.
Drosera aberrans often forms dense colonies
Drosera aberrans emerging from dormancy in mid March. Growing amongst woodland at the Anglesea Heath.
A cabbage moth stuck in a dense field of D. abberrans
D. abberans in bloom. Early July.
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