Drosera bindoon Species Profile

Drosera bindoon Species Profile

Drosera bindoon is an orange flowered pygmy sundew that grows in the Bindoon area of Western Australia.

Drosera bindoon has a flat rosette of leaves around 2 cm in diameter. The petioles are moderately thick and fairly long relative to the laminae, which are oval. The flowers are metallic orange, black in the center and around 1.5 cm in diameter. The three stigmas are whiplike in that they are long, thin and tapering towards the end. The filaments and styles are black.

The species grows in a band of hills between Muchea, Bindoon and Wannamal. It grows in rough laterite gravel on hillsides and at the top of hills. The species blooms from mid to late spring and goes dormant over summer.

Drosera bindoon is distinguished from other orange flowered pygmy sundews in the first instance by its three whiplike stigmas. This trait is shared with D. coomallo, D. barbigera, D. albonotata, and D. miniata. D. bindoon is distinguished from these species by its flat rosette (Drosera barbigera has a raised rosette), black filaments (D. coomallo and D. miniata have white filaments), and black centres (D. albonotata has white dots at the centre),

Drosera bindoon. Note the whiplike stigmas and black filaments.
The rosette of Drosera bindoon
The inflorescence of Drosera bindoon
Rosettes of Drosera bindoon

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