Drosera glabripes Species Profile

Drosera glabripes Species Profile

Drosera glabripes is a stem-forming sundew endemic to the Western Cape, South Africa. Its name refers to a smooth surface, possibly of the petioles.

Drosera glabripes has a rosette of raised leaves around 4cm in diameter at the end of a long stem of old growth. The petioles are hairless, with spoon shaped laminae. The stem can reach over 50cm in length, although it is commonly shorter.

The species grows in mountainous habitats along the southern coast of the Western Cape from Cape Town to Witsand. It typically inhabits well-drained niches in steep slopes. The plants have deep roots that allow it to grow year round, although it may enter a brief dormancy in summer if conditions are unsuitable.

The small rosettes and long stem of Drosera glabripes are unlikely to be confused with other sundews across its range. It is somewhat similar to D. ramentacea which shares a long stem, but it has much smaller rosettes and hairless petioles (the rosettes of D. ramentacea are larger and the petioles are hairy).

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