Drosera hirsuta Species Profile

Drosera hirsuta Species Profile

Drosera hirsuta is a scrambling tuberous species endemic to the Geraldton Sandplains and adjacent plains in Western Australia. It is a member of the Drosera macrantha complex, sharing common features such as a scrambling habit and three-leaved arrangement at every node. The species is distinguished by its extremely dense covering of long non-glandular indumentum at the upper extremities of the plant and sepals (other members of the macrantha complex usually have a relatively sparse covering of glandular trichomes). There are two colour forms: a white flowered variety with golden hairs and a pink flowered form with red hairs.

Drosera hirsuta at Mt Lesueur National Park
Drosera hirsuta. Note the dense indumentum on the sepals that give them a furry appearance
The upper axis of Drosera hirsuta. Note the dense covering of non-glandular indumentum
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