Drosera pauciflora Species Profile

Drosera pauciflora Species Profile

Drosera pauciflora is a South African sundew named for its few-flowered scapes. The species is endemic to renosterveld habitat in Western Cape north of Cape Town.

Drosera pauciflora has medium-sized rosettes of semi-raised leaves about 5 cm in diameter. These flowers are amongst the largest in the genus, reaching more than 6cm in diameter. The petals are pink and cupped, with dark centers. Each plant usually produces one to three flowers per season.

The species grows in the lowland plains around Darling, north of Cape Town. It grows in seasonally swampy niches in alluvial renosterveld habitats.

Drosera pauciflora is within the D. cistiflora complex, sharing features such as similar floral structures. It is chiefly distinguished by the absence of an erect stem (other members of the D. cistiflora complex have an erect stem towards the end of the season).

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