Drosera stricticaulis Species Profile

Drosera stricticaulis Species Profile

Drosera stricticaulis is an erect tuberous sundew native to Australia. The species has a self-supporting stem (strictus = straight, erect, rigid; caulis = stem) that grows around 20-30 cm tall and which is covered in a layer of glandular indumenta. The laminae are perfectly orbicular and are borne on long thin petioles that arch gracefully from the central stem. The whole plant is bright green and the flower petals are pink.

The species is widespread throughout the plains of south west Western Australia, east of the Darling Scarp, as well as in the lower Eyre Peninsular and Flinders Ranges in South Australia. I observed it in the Wheatbelt, where it grew on the outwashes of large granite outcrops and in skeletal winter-wet moss gardens in depressions on the rocks.

The species can be identified by its green coloration, orbicular laminae and self-supporting and robust stems. This feature is especially contrasted with members of the Drosera macrantha complex, which are floppy and scramble amongst surrounding vegetation.

Drosera stricticaulis growing in moss garden on a granite outcrop, east of Hyden. Note the self-supporting main stem which is covered in hairs, and orbicular laminae.
A group of Drosera stricticaulis in the Wheatbelt east of the Darling Scarp. The species is a distinctive bright green.
Drosera stricticaulis from a distance. The plants grew on the outwash of a granite outcrop.
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