Nepenthes rafflesiana Species Profile

Nepenthes rafflesiana Species Profile

Nepenthes rafflesiana is a lowland pitcher plant native to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. The species is known for its large size and showy pitchers. It is named in honour of Stamford Raffles, the colonial founder of Western Singapore.

A rather small lower pitcher of N. rafflesiana

N. rafflesiana is a variable species, with a large range in size, colouration and patterning. In Singapore, where I observed the plants, the species is generally speckled with lime green and brown splotches. The lower pitchers are tubby, with notable large flaring wings. The upper pitchers are more slender, with a graceful arching shape and strikingly striped peristome. The petioles of the species are rather large and a robust vine is produced high into the canopy.

Upper pitcher of N. rafflesiana

In Singapore, the species grows in open secondary forest. The substrate is well drained, with an open canopy that allows for bright dappled light to hit the floor. In other places, it is also found in peat forests and cliffsides.

Leaves of Nepenthes rafflesiana.
A strikingly patterned specimen
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