Nepenthes singalana Species Profile

Nepenthes singalana Species Profile

Nepenthes singalana is a highland species of pitcher plants endemic to the peaks of the Barisan Mountains – a range of volcanoes on the western side of Sumatra.

N. singalana is notable for its peristome, which is wide and features rows of raised ridges that terminate in a sharp point. The upper pitchers are tubular in the upper half, with a ‘hip’ that separates the slightly more bulbous lower portion of the structure.

Lower pitcher of N. singalana

The lower pitchers are somewhat similar to the upper pitchers but generally have larger teeth in the peristome, as well as a flaring set of ‘wings’ running along their length. I only observed a small specimen of the plant, but in some locations, they are known to form pitchers as large as a forearm!

Aerial rosette of N. singalana

Nepenthes singalana is a true highland, growing above 2000 m elevation in cloud forest. I observed the plants on the upper flanks of Mt Kerinci. Here, the temperatures drop down to single digits (in celcius of course) and humidity always hovers close to saturation.

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