Utricularia holtzei Species Profile

Utricularia holtzei Species Profile

Utricularia holtzei is a terrestrial bladderwort endemic to the Northern Territory. It is most notable for its interestingly shaped flowers.

The species produces small blooms that are white in colour. The lower corolla lip features five deeply divided lobes that are rounded at the extremities. A slightly raised ridge frames at the palate frames the center of the bloom. The opening and undersides of the flower are orange. The blooms are variable in size, even in the same population.

U. holtzei is found in the Top End of the Norhtern Territory. The species grows in wet areas within seasonally flooded grassy floodplains, coming to bloom at the end of the wet season.

U. holtzei shares a similar floral morphology to U. cheiranthos and U. rhododactylos. The species can be distinguished by its white blooms (those of the latter species are pink).

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