Utricularia odorata Species Profile

Utricularia odorata Species Profile

Utricularia odorata is a terrestrial bladderwort that produces clusters of medium sized yellow blooms.

The lower corolla lip of the species features a large helmet-like dome that is fringed with two shallow lobes at either side of the bloom, meeting in the middle to form a small folded appendage. The spur is pointy and angled backwards at an obtuse angle. The upper corolla lip is large and flared upwards. The blooms are numerous and produced in crowded clusters at the end of a long peduncle around knee height.

The species found in the Top End in Australia, as well as overseas in SE Asia. In the Top End, it grows in wetter locations in the seasonally inundated sand plains and the edges of shallow sandstone creeks. The plants bloom at the end of the wet season and persists as an annual.

U. odorata is similar to several yellow species with a similarly bulbous flower such as U. bifida, U. involvens and U. chrysantha. The species can be distinguished by its free standing flower stalks (those of U. involvens are twining), that are around knee height (U. bifida is short) and has crowded flowers (those of U. chrysantha are well spaced apart).

Note the large helmet-like bulb on the lower corolla lip
Spiders seem to love the flowers
The flowers are crowded at the end of the peduncle
The flowers are tall, reaching around knee height
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