Drosera ericgreenii Species Profile

Drosera ericgreenii Species Profile

Drosera ericgreenii is a sundew from the Hottentots Holland Mountains near Cape Town, South Africa. It is named after the late Eric Green, a South African carnivorous plant expert.

Drosera ericgreenii has a rosette of raised leaves around 5cm in diameter. The leaves are covered with hairs and have a smooth transition between the glandular lamina and petiole. The petioles vary in length depending on the season. The flower stems arch at the base, with extremely dense and furry hairs, especially near the rosette. The flowers are pink.

The species grows in the mountains near Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. It inhabits sheltered embankments high up in the peaks. The plants are winter growing, flowering in spring and usually enter a dormancy period during summer.

Drosera ericgreenii is most similar to D. hilaris but differs in that it does not form a substantial stem and has hairier inflorescences (D. hilaris readily forms a stem and has less hairy inflorescences). In its compact growth phase, it is also similar to D. esterhuyseniae but differs in its leaves are generally longer and more raised, and has a hairier flower stem (D. esterhuyseniae is more compact, less raised leaves and has a less hairy inflorescence).

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