Drosera hyperostigma Species Profile

Drosera hyperostigma Species Profile

Drosera hyperostigma is an orange flowered pygmy sundew. It is named for the shape of the stigmas, which are egg-shaped (hyperon = club).

Drosera hyperostigma has a flat rosette around 1.5 cm in diameter. The flowers are orange in coloration with broad, roughly wedge-shaped petals. The centres of the flowers are black. The filaments that support the anthers are black. The stigmas are egg-shaped, rounded at the extremity and tapering towards the connection with the styles, which are long, thin and black.

The species grows in the Darling Scarp east of Perth, where it grows in well-drained laterite substrates in open situations. It comes to bloom in spring and is dormant over summer.

Drosera hyperostigma is distinguished from other orange flowered pygmy sundews in the first instance by the shape of the stigmas, which are obovoid (egg shaped) and borne on long, thin styles. This trait is shared with Drosera platystigma, which also grows in the Darling Scarp. It is best distinguished by its black filaments and styles (those of D. platystigma are white).

Details of Drosera hyperostigma. Note the egg-shaped stigmas, black filaments and black styles.

The rosettes of Drosera hyperostigma
Drosera hyperostigma grows in laterite in the Perth Hills.

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