Drosera leucoblasta Species Profile

Drosera leucoblasta Species Profile

Drosera leucoblasta is a pygmy sundew with orange flowers. Its name references it’s white stipular bur (leucos = white, blastos = bud).

Drosera leucoblasta has a flat rosette of leaves that reaches around 2cm in diameter. The flowers are orange and reach a similar diameter. The petals are distinctively shaped, thin and straight at the center and round at the edge. The colour at the center of the blooms and of the reproductive structures are variable. The centers of the flowers are often red to black, forming a ‘star-shaped’ area of pigmentation (although it can be undarkened in some forms. The stigmas are thickened along their entire length and range from light orange to black. The filaments that support the anthers are usually red to black. The ovaries range from green to black.

The species grows in clay substrate and laterite accumulations in a broad band that covers the Darling Scarp, east across the Wheatbelt, down to the south coast near Albany and east to the Esperance region. It is commonly observed between low heath. It flowers in mid to late spring and is dormant over summer.

Drosera leucoblasta is distinguished from other orange flowered pygmy sundews in the first instance by its thin petals. It is almost identical to D. echinoblastus but is separated geographically. Whilst D. leucoblasta grows in the east of the Darling Scarp, D. echinoblastus is restricted to the laterite hills north of Perth. Although the colour of D. leucoblasta blooms are variable, the presence of darkened pigmentation near the center of the flower distinguishes it from D. echinoblastus, which never has any darkened pigmentation. Specifically, the filaments supporting the anthers are pigmented red to black whereas those of D. echinoblastus are green. The thickened styles are similar to D. callistos but the petals are thinner (those of D. callistos are rounder and fuller).

Drosera leucoblasta north of Esperence. Note the thickened stigmas and long, thin petals
Drosera leucoblasta near Ravensthorpe with lighter centers.

The rosettes of Drosera leucoblasta
The stipular bud of Drosera leucoblasta
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