Nepenthes eustachya Species Profile

Nepenthes eustachya Species Profile

Nepenthes eustachya is a lowland species endemic to Sumatra. The plant produces some of the most gaudy traps in the genus, with pitchers coloured with splashes of cream, red and green. These pitchers have an unusually bulbous base topped with a cylindrical wall. They are medium in size, attaining around 20 cm in height.

Nepenthes eustachya in West Sumatra

The species is endemic to North and West Sumatra, where it grows from 0-1600 m elevation. It is associated with exposed sandstone habitats and vines on top of low lying shrubs.

Nepenthes eustachya vines on top of low-lying shrubs on a sandstone plateau in North Sumara
Nepenthes eustachya at the edge of a swamp forest. The plants grow only in exposed niches.

I found this species during my 2018 Expedition to Sumatra.

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