Utricularia gaagudju Species Profile

Utricularia gaagudju Species Profile

Utricularia gaagudju is a terrestrial bladderwort recently described by Jobson & Cherry in 2020. Its name honours the Gaagudju language that was spoken in Arnhem Land and from which the ‘Kakadu’ National Park was derived.

U. gaagudju was previously confused with U. kimberleyensis and shares similar morphological features. The lower corolla lip forms a rounded skirt that is light purple in colouration (that of U. kimberleyensis is mauve). The edge lower corolla lip is entire (slightly 3 lobed in U. kimberleyensis). The palate has a set of raised yellow ridges flanked by a few purple ones (orange in U. kimberleyensis). The spur of the bloom is curved forwards (straight in U. kimberleyensis).

The species grows in silty substrates at the edge of creeks. It is found across the Top End of the Northern Territory (U. kimberleyensis is found only in Western Australia).

Ref: Utricularia gaagudju, a new species for the Northern Territory, and a recircumscription of U. kimberleyensis C.A.Gardner. Jobson & Cherry. 2020.

Note the entire lower corolla edge and yellow ridges at the palate.
Note that the spur is curved forwards
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