Utricularia lateriflora Species Profile

Utricularia lateriflora Species Profile

Utricularia lateriflora is a terrestrial bladderwort native to heathland in Australia’s eastern states. The species is named for the laterial position of its blooms along the flower stem.

U. lateriflora has small flowers that range from white to purple in colouration. The lower corolla lip is domed in shape with edges that slightly flare. The upper corolla lip is small and erect. The wedge-shaped spur is thrust forwards and rather broad along its length. When viewed from the side, the blooms somewhat resemble pacman.

The species grows in areas of heathland ranging from SE Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania. It is usually found in sandy seepages where the ground is kept wet but not submerged underwater.

U. lateriflora is closely related to U. simplex, a species from Western Australia with similar blooms. It is somewhat similar to other small taxa with domed flowers but can be distinguished in that the lower corolla lip is not distinctly lobed.

Utricularia lateriflora in eastern Victoria. Note the domed lower corolla lip which flares at the edges.
Side view of a plant growing in eastern Victoria. waka waka
Some very pretty specimens growing in a wet area of a walking track in Sydney
A white flowered form on the hanging swamps of the Blue Mountains
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