Anglesea Heath in May

Anglesea Heath in May

During may, the winter growing Drosera have well and truly emerged in the Anglesea Heath, west of Melbourne.

Drosera aberrans is one of the most abundant species, colonising a range of habitats but especially the floors of sclerophyll forest and mossy clearings. The species ranges in colour from bright green to vivid red, changing according to the amount of light it receives.

Along the ridges of the area, Drosera planchonii grows in abundance. This species is the first of the erect tuberous species to emerge. By the time of this visit, some plants were almost flowering size. The plants can mainly be found in exposed heath, but also grows in open sloped forest.

Drosera pygmaea is abundant in patches of cleared exposed soils. This pygmy species is most active in the wet winter months, although it can grow year round if a source of water is guaranteed.

At coastal locations around Melbourne, Drosera auriculata is late to emerge. I was able to locate the sporadic plant here and there. The species is variable in terms of the presence of a basal rosette, with flowering sized plants sometimes foregoing its production. I sighted plenty of old stems from the previous seasons so this species should be a lot more abundant in the following months.

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