Drosera pulchella Species Profile

Drosera pulchella Species Profile

Drosera pulchella is a common pygmy sundew endemic to the coastal regions of south-west Western Australia. The species is easily recognisable by its broad petioles. It is associated with wet niches such as the edge of swamps and seepages, and can even be found growing submersed in certain areas. Interestingly, its flowers are greatly variable in coloration, ranging from white to pink to orange (unfortunately it was too early for me to observe them).

Drosera pulchella by a swamp near Bridgetown. Note the broad petioles.
Drosera pulchella growing on the side of a swamp near Walpole
Drosera pulchella on a laterite based clearing, near Ballingnup
Drosera pulchella submerged near Walpole. Note the broad expanded petioles that almost have the same width as the lamina.
Drosera pulchella alongside a Cephalotus seedling
Drosera pulchella in a seepage fed gully on the summit plateau of Bluff Knoll
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