Drosera sp. Macau

Drosera sp. Macau

This undescribed Drosera taxon grows along a small coastal strip in Macau. It inhabits seepages alongside Nepenthes mirabilis.

Drosera sp Macau is distinguished from typical D. spatulata by its rounded and abrupt laminae

Although mostly regarded as D. spatulata, it differs from typical plants of that species by having a strongly rounded lamina that transitions abruptly from the petiole (Typical D. spatulata have a more gradually tapering transition). This population also differs in morphology from lowland D. spatulata in neighbouring Hong Kong, which are diminutive but have a rather standard appearance.

The flower of Drosera sp. Macau

The leaf shape actually reminds me of Drosera tokaiensis – perhaps there was a hybridisation event between D. spatulata and rotundifolia early on which eventually stabilised into this population of plants.

Drosera sp. Macau grows in coastal seepages alongside Nepenthes mirabilis.

p.s. The ICPS has produced an excellent article on the taxonomy of D. spatulata.

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