Drosera esperensis Species Profile

Drosera esperensis Species Profile

Drosera esperensis is a tuberous sundew known for its pretty white and pink flowers. It is endemic to the coastal granite outcrops east of the Western Australian town of Esperence, for which it is named.

Drosera esperensis has a medium-sized erect stem, which is usually up to blood red in colouration. The stem is zigzagging, switching directions at each leaf node. The plants are usually 10-20cm tall in exposed situations but can reach waist height in the protection of bushes. The leaves are small and orbicular. The flower features cupped white petals which pink centers. The sepals are large, similarly cupped and roughly the same size as the petals. The styles are highly divided, pink at the base and white towards the extremity.

The sundew is known from on the lower slopes of large granite outcrops in the Cape Le Grand and Cape Arid area. The species typically grows in exposed mossy patches which are kept wet by the copious winter rainfall. These habitats dry out in summer when the plants enter dormancy.

Drosera esperensis is closely related to other species within the D. microphylla complex. It shares a similar overall morphology and can be difficult to distinguish within a bloom and information about the locality. It is distinguished from its closest relatives by its white flowers with a pink center.

Flower of Drosera esperensis.
Stems of Drosera esperensis.
A grouping of Drosera esperensis on a moss patch
The plants grow on exposed granite faces
Habitat of Drosera esperensis
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