Utricularia limosa Species Profile

Utricularia limosa Species Profile

Utricularia limosa is an affixed aquatic bladderwort native to tropical regions to Australia and across SE Asia. It’s name refers to its preference for muddy substrates (limosus = muddy).

U. limosa has small flowers that are coloured white to pink to purple. The lower corolla lip is deeply divided into two distinct lobes and features a bulbous palate region. The spur is broad and curved forward. The upper corolla lip is broad and round. Its leaves are thin and divided several times like deer antlers.

I observed the species in the Top End of the Northern Territory where it was blooming at the start of the dry season. The plant was common in just-receeded seasonal floodwaters growing mud near pooled water within floodplains, swamps and tracks. Near Darwin, the blooms are mostly white or very pale purple. Purple blooms were present within the Kakadu National Park.

U. limosa is closely related to U. leptoplectra and U. biloba, which form the section Nelipus. The species are united by their bulbous centers and two-lobed lower corolla lips.

Utricularia limosa near Darwin. White flowers are common in the region. Note the two-lobed lower corolla lip.
Side view of bloom.
A colourful plant in the Kakadu National Park
In species by a receeding swamp near Darwin
The species growing in pooled water on the Arnhem Plateau
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