Wild Australian Drosera Species A-Z

Wild Australian Drosera Species A-Z

Drosera aberrans

Drosera adelae

Drosera allantostigma

Drosera andersoniana

Drosera androsacea

Drosera aquatica

Drosera arcturi

Drosera aurantiaca

Drosera auriculata

Drosera australis

Drosera badgerupii

Drosera badgingarra

Drosera banksii

Drosera barbigera

Drosera barrettorum

Drosera basifolia

Drosera bicolor

Drosera binata

Drosera bindoon

Drosera brevicornis

Drosera broomensis

Drosera browniana

Drosera bulbigena

Drosera bulbosa

Drosera burmannii

Drosera caduca

Drosera callistos

Drosera calycina

Drosera carburup

Drosera citrina

Drosera closterostigma

Drosera coalara

Drosera collina

Drosera coomallo

Drosera cucullata

Drosera darwinensis

Drosera depauperata

Drosera derbeyensis

Drosera dichrosepala

Drosera dilatopetiolaris

Drosera drummondii

Drosera echinoblastus

Drosera eneabba

Drosera enodes

Drosera ereama

Drosera erythrogyne

Drosera erythrorhiza

Drosera erythrorhiza in the Mount Lindesay National Park

Drosera esperensis

Drosera falconeri

Drosera fimbriata

Drosera finlaysoniana

Drosera fragrans

Drosera fulva

Drosera geniculata

Drosera gibsonii

Drosera gigantea

Drosera glabriscapa

Drosera glanduligera

Drosera gracilis

Drosera graniticola

Drosera grievei

Drosera gunniana

Drosera hamiltonii


Drosera hartmeyerorum

Drosera helodes

Drosera heterophylla

Drosera hirsuta

Drosera hookeri

Drosera huegelii

Drosera humilis

Drosera hyperostigma

Drosera indumenta

Drosera intricata

Drosera kenneallyi

Drosera lanata

Drosera lasiantha

Drosera lasiantha

Drosera legrandii

Drosera leioblastus

Drosera leucoblasta

Drosera leucostigma

Drosera lowriei

Drosera lunata

Drosera macrantha


Drosera macrophylla

Drosera magna

Drosera major

Drosera mannii

Drosera marchantii

Drosera menziesii

Drosera micra

Drosera micrantha

Drosera microphylla

Drosera microscapa

Drosera miniata

Drosera minutiflora

Drosera modesta

Drosera monantha

Drosera monticola

Drosera moorei

Drosera murfetii

Drosera myriantha

Drosera nana

Drosera neesii

Drosera nitidula

Drosera nivea

Drosera occidentalis

Drosera omissa

Drosera orbiculata

Drosera ordensis

Drosera oreopodion

Drosera palacea

Drosera pallida

Drosera paradoxa

Drosera patens

Drosera pedicellaris

Drosera peltata

Drosera petiolaris

Drosera pingellyensis

Drosera planchonii

Drosera platypoda

Drosera platystigma

Drosera porrecta

Drosera praefolia

Drosera prolifera

Drosera prophylla

Drosera prostrata

Drosera prostratoscaposa

Drosera pulchella

Drosera purpurascens

Drosera pycnoblasta

Drosera pygmaea

Drosera radicans

Drosera ramellosa

Drosera rechingeri

Drosera roseana

Practically impossible to ID for certain outside of bloom. ID made on locale and habitat.

Drosera rosulata

Drosera rupicola

Drosera salina

Drosera salina growing in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia

Drosera sargentii

Drosera schizandra

Drosera schmutzii

Drosera scorpioides

Drosera serpens

Drosera sewilliae

Drosera x sidjamesii

Identification made on the following characters: Active leaves 12-30 per rosette, petioles slightly glandular, some gemmae tipped with gland. Lake Gnangarra

Drosera silvicola

Drosera spatulata

Drosera spilos

Drosera squamosa

Drosera stelliflora

Drosera stolonifera

Drosera stricticaulis

Drosera subhirtella

Drosera subtilis

Drosera sulphurea

ID based on slightly flattened top of the petiole and general vicinity near a swamp. In practice, impossible to tell from Drosera neesii without a flower.

Drosera thysanosepala

Glabrous sepals

Drosera trichocaulis

Drosera tubaestylis

Drosera verrucata

Drosera walyunga

Drosera whittakeri

Drosera yilgarnensis

Drosera zigzagia

Drosera zonaria

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